Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gas Saving Alternatives

With the price of gas skyrocketing everyone is looking for alternatives. Horse and wagon is my top choice, unfortunately I own neither. Some of them are impractical for the area I live in which has hills. Skateboarding and roller skates conjure up images of broken limbs.
I have considered a moped but can't figure out where the groceries would fit although the guy on the bike with a 10 ton load looks like he has figured out this issue.
There is bus service in my town but I think the closest stop mean using my feet to get there.
I do use my feet quite a bit and walk my daughter up the hill to preschool 2 days a week. Making the track back and forth 2 times a day for pick up and drop off in the humidity really takes a lot out of me and I am not getting any younger.
Someday I wonder if we will go back to the horse and buggy- For trips to the grocery store I would look forward to it.


Anonymous said...

I wish more people would ride bikes, in some countries the majority of the population does!
It feels good, its good for you, and its a badass protest to the multi nationals

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High Desert Diva said...

Ha! This is great!