Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chicken vs Dog

We had a nice little treat for dinner of T bones,crab legs, and lobster tails. Homer sat so patiently waiting for his cut! I threw the t bone out the back door thinking the chickens were all in bed but noooooo they were not and they were quite interested in the bone as well.

A few girls ventured up to Homer to check out the grubb but he picked up the bone and ran off. About 3 minutes later I decided to check on him and went outside. He didn't have the bone and seemed to be looking for it and the chickens were running around as well.

Doing a quick count I realized Cowgirl was missing and I spotted her clear on the other side of the yard backed up into the corner. As I approached her with 5 chickens and a dog tailing me I saw that she had commandeered the missing bone. She must have snatched it away from Homer!

I got the bone back and brought Homer inside with it. I gave it to him and he promptly disappeared. I found him under the Christmas tree making sure no one would find him or his bone.

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