Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today is a sad day...

Today I received the phone call I was dreading. My dear Uncle Paul had passed away. It is hard to put into words my sadness. Uncle Paul has survived throat and bladder cancer. He recently became ill and the cancer was in his spine.
I was able to speak to him last week before he passed on and for that I am grateful. He was a special person- always happy, full of life. A former Navy Seal he was in great shape and always looked younger than he was.

My greatest memories of Uncle Paul are from our appearance on Family Feud in 1992. Paul held down the last spot for our family. His answers were always a bit out there but the producers loved him.
  1. What might you find in a glove box? His answer- Love Letters
  2. Name something you might see going down the street besides a parade.. His answer- a parade
My stupid ex husband said * Ray, can we play with 4 people?* Ray Combs said " Uh, I think you already are" Lots of boos followed as the audience liked Paul. We were on the show a total of 7 times I think and I still have the tape.
Uncle Paul was 75- he looked younger and his spirit was young- I know the end was painful and that he is in a better place but it is never easy saying goodbye. RIP Uncle Paul

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