Thursday, August 28, 2008

What really grinds my gears 8-28-08

Don't you just love neighbors? Especially ones that you can't figure out. These neighbors have had 9 cars in the driveway,lawn,and street at one time. I have been remiss in my car counting lately as I have been distracted by other fun things to look at on their property.

For shits and giggles I thought I would see how many days the gas cans would lay on the lawn. They must be empty or they would have been snagged long ago with the price of gas these days. Currently I am on day 22 of my gas can watch. Leaving gas cans on the lawn is no crime and it isn't a super eye sore- it just peaks my curiosity as to why the residence keep walking by them and don't pick them up.

So maybe you are tired and don't want to bring in the trash, or is it easier to leave it at the curb because all your cars block your driveway? Guess what neighbor, we live in Oklahoma and we have raccoons. Wildlife+trash=mess- duh! Haven't you seen Over The Hedge- guess that is a big NO.
I am sure the sanitation workers just love pulling up to your house! Let's see it trash day- make sure we move the cars off the lawn and onto the street so the trash guys have to block the whole road getting our trash can and spend 15 minutes picking it all up.

I have lived in neighborhoods with strict association rules and I don't care for the gestapo mentality of those associations. Just a little neighborhood pride would be nice.


Debra said...

Oh man...I am so glad I don't have any neighbors.

High Desert Diva said...

Sucks big time :-(


I know where you're coming from!!

Widespread neighbourhood pride would indeed be very nice! :0)

jessicajane said...

I would most definitely rather look at trash in my neighbors yard than hear him having sex with one of his girlfriends. (yes theres more than one, and yes its disgusting)

Valerie said...

Ewe. Since I started living in Montreal, I'm experiencing the same thing. And in Montreal, we have cats. City's equivalent to suburbs' racoons ;_;

Wouldn't be bad if they cleaned up.

Nicole R.J. said...

Your neighbors must be related to mine... we live in a very *nice* neighborhood, but our landlords leave it up to their teenage son who lives in the apt. above us to "maintain" the property. Big, big HA!

Love your gas can story... 22 days and counting, that's a winner!

pixie said...

They might be inconsiderate to the aesthetic of your neighbourhood, but at least you've found something to occupy you!