Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Misadventures of Raggedy Ann Pt 1

My daughters birthday is in a few days and she asked for a Raggedy Ann doll. No problemo- Mr Keys is going to Toys R Us to get a few things and I see they carry it. Whoops- they don't and haven't had it in the store in months. She only asked for 4 items so I thought I would see if it was at Walmart- nope!

Plan B- look for a pattern in the fabric section- they actually had one in stock! Think really hard about this. I just got a sewing machine from my Uncle after going years without one that worked. I haven't cut a pattern in at least 12 years hmmmmm.... Her wanting the doll outweighed all that.

Look at fabric choices- the pattern shows a nasty Daisy Kingdom print that is probably not even made any more. Grab some yarn for the hair- the red is just so red though so I picked a deep red. Grab red and white striped material then realize it doesn't look right with the yarn and I like the yarn.

Think outside the box and find some coordinating fabric that will match perfectly with the yarn.

Not really traditional Raggedy Ann but I think it will work. Read pattern and see a bunch of notions I need which I probably have already but I can't remember so I buy them.

As I take my fabric bolts to be cut I realize this is my last chance to ditch the project.... hand fabric to be cut. No going back now. To be continued........

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