Friday, February 8, 2008

Dealing with Copying

We all know how frustrating it can be to feel ripped off. I have made a few decisions regarding this.
I never check my category, that way I won't see anything I don't want to. Either something I think was copied from me or if I have an idea I won't think that I look like a copier myself.

I try to focus more on my work and less about others. It can be frustrating but it keeps me sane. I try to keep this quote in mind:
"Inspiration can be derived from those who have come before us, however an artist never copies the work of another for it is against the very spirit of what feeds our creativity"


Regina (Lexi) said...

Fantastic quote!

Amy Yang said...

Great advice. I recently had a seller friend show me that she is now making a smaller version of my pocket albums (after she bought one from me to see how I did it). Oh well, that's what business is all about, right, competition? I too have decided to stop looking, lol :)

Keys and Memories said...

I know it sounds like we are an ostrich sticking our head in the sand if we don't look but it relieves much stress on my part and lets me focus on my work and customers!

So sorry Amy- I had someone buy from me and then start making so I know how you feel.

I spend a lot of time trying to make things work for myself instead of taking the easy way.

High Desert Diva said...

Cheering here!

DivaDea said...

Amen, I wholeheartedly concur :)

stOOpidgErL said...

It is so hard not to look though. I wish I didn't look but the curiosity kills me and I have to. And it sucks- because I look and I just end up getting pissed off when I see blatant copying of my work.
Some of these girls on Etsy that do this have bigger balls than me. I have seen items on Etsy that are so neat and I want to make them too. But I can't bring myself to make the same thing as another seller and sell it there.
For me there are a million and one things that can be done with resin. So if I see another resin seller with a good idea and I wish I could make the same thing- I just pass on it and make something different.
Hope this comment makes sense... I just woke up and my brain is a little fuzzy. :O)

Nicole Solo said...

I wish I had the conviction not to look - but having been copied by someone "bigger" than myself I am way too paranoid to leave it alone :/

Keys and Memories said...

nicole brings up a great point-
Many times someone posts on Etsy as in "Oh, well see who has been here longer- the newbie must be the copier" that makes no sense.
So someone "bigger" does it and gets away with it as well.