Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Election 2008

Now that Super Tuesday is behind us I felt like writing about politics.
I was first eligible to vote during Ronald Reagans second term. I voted for George Bush Sr., Ross Perot, I can't remember next ( not Clinton) George W Bush ( ugh), John Kerry and now it is election time again.

I find politics fascinating suddenly. I was originally on the McCain train being that I loved in AZ and he seems likeable but then I heard about Ron Paul so I went that direction. I did cast my vote for him but it looks like that isn't going anywhere.
Now I find myself really liking Barak Obama. I tend to focus on who appeals to me and need to be a bit more informed about the issues.

I love talking politics so feel free to leave comments :)

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SSD said...

Hey - I just have a quick request: can you check your etsy account? I left you a message yesterday.