Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yes, I vape

I can proudly admit that I am a vaper now. I had heard about electronic cigarettes on the Etsy forums and saw a review on you tube someone linked to. I liked the review because the fellow was from the UK and his accent was a hoot to listen to.

I kind of got hung up on the accent and filed the e cig idea in the back of my brain. My daughter came over with an ecig about a month ago and I tried it. I must say I enjoyed it and thought it might be a way for me to quit smoking. We ordered some supplies and I gave it a whirl. It took me about a week to run out of my analogs (regular cigarettes) and I made the switch. I am almost at 2 weeks without an analog and am very proud of myself. Considering I have not gone a single day without a cigarette in 13 years this is a big deal for me.

In the future I will post more about how I am doing, FAQ,supplies,mods,etc..


PussDaddy said...

Congrats! I hope you are able to quit smoking.


Keys and Memories said...

I feel like technically I have quit smoking! An ecig contains no chemicals just Nicotine and vegetable glycerin base. I can use it anywhere Most people call it a PV- personal vaporizer which is all I am doing is creating vapor- no smoke!