Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wii Diary

I finally got a Wii for Christmas- yay!! Since then I have tried out the games that came with it. My favorite is bowling, followed by tennis and baseball. Haven't done the boxing yet but it's on my to do list.
Yesterday, I got my first new game Samba De Amigo. I picked this one because I live music and I wanted something like DDR but without having to move my feet unless I wanted. The object is to shake your controller like a maraca at the right moment.
My 5 year old was intrigued and went from watching me,to dancing along with me,to hijacking the game. She can play the game no problem and it was the first thing she wanted to do this morning when she woke up. We have started out on easy level and are using the Pose settings- will try the Hustle settings sometime soon. My husband even tried it and had a good time. Thankfully I am better at it than he is- I was worried because he kicks my but in bowling and baseball and I was looking to save face.
My Wii fit arrived today so I will give it a whirl and report back.

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Rebecca Haden said...

We got Wii Music for Christmas, and we love it. Something to step up to when you begin to find the maracas limiting.