Thursday, January 29, 2009

Caffiene Diary

I decided to cut down on my soda intake today. Pathetically, this is a really hard thing for me to do as I chug Diet Dr. Thunder(Walmart version of Diet. Dr. Pepper)
like there is no tomorrow. Certain things in life I have fallen into a routine with and having a soda first thing in the morning is one of them. After thinking about it though it might have a lot to do with drinking from a straw that forms my habit.
This morning about 10 am I washed my embarrassingly large soda mug and put it away.
I have been drinking Crystal Light peach tea in water bottles all day. I am on my 5th 8 oz bottle, I do have a headache but I feel pretty good. I know it will get easier.
This was on my to do list and now I can at least partially cross it off as started on!

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