Monday, January 12, 2009

Wii Diary

Lot's of Wii activity to report!

My Wii fit arrived about 6 days ago and I just opened it up today- more on that later..

Still plugging along with Samba De Amigo- I picked up an extra Nun Chuck so my daughter and I can play together since she was hogging it all the time. We have fun with the mini games and have even tried the medium setting.

Won my first tennis match today on Wii Sports- Woo Hoo- this is a big deal as I have been getting smoked on a regular basis.

Tried boxing and KO's the first 5 opponents

Decided to give Golf a try-uh oh- VERY addictive. It's pretty much the PGA tour here the last 3 days. All of us play and DH is completely addicted to it now.

So I set up my Wii Fit tonite and subjected myself to letting it tell me I was out of shape- like I didn't know that but at least it was in a friendly voice!

Yoga- won't even go there- I am horrible
Strength- hit or miss on those
Aerobics- loved it! Did some hula hoops and step aerobics.
Balance Board- Decent on the ball in the hole

Spent 32 minutes on the fit, unlocked some new things, and had a blast.

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