Monday, February 2, 2009

Dog Mystery Partially Solved

About this time last year I had the opportunity to foster 4 out of 9 puppies who were dumped in a barn. They were described as *Spaniel Mix* and as puppies they looked quite a but like Spaniels. I adopted 3 out and kept one who we named Fenway.
As time passed Fenway seemed less and less like a spaniel and more like some type of hound. Not a Basset or Blood hound. Over the weekend I caught a dog show on tv and happened to see the hound group. Low and behold an American Foxhound came out and I said *BINGO* that is Fenway!
He is still a mix with something else- maybe a spaniel but now I know that he is probably a Foxhound. He has all the characteristics of this breed as well. Not earth shattering news but it was nice to solve a little mystery- still need to work on dog #2 who we call Little Bear...


Rachael said...

Fenway is Gorgeous! It's lovely that you have given a good, loving home.

Jacob said...

Maybe some beagle?